Bonk of America Rewards Cards are the latest and greatest way for incentivizing communities to work together.

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Reward Community Participation

Raid 2 EarnIncentivize Any Activity

$BONKFA Rewards Cards increase engagement by rewarding your communities for activities important to project growth.


$BONKFA Rewards Cards provides holder rewards at various tier levels for holding certain amount of tokens.


Holders can add a Twitter username to be rewarded for raiding quantity, quality, speed and streak.

Telegram Activities

Leverage the power of AI to reward your community for different types of activities on Telegram while you sleep.

Games & Contests

AI-powered games and contests are easy to setup and gets eyes off the minute-to-minute price action.

GET PAID TO RAIDIncrease engagement and reward your communities.

Our Bonk Teller Bot will revolutionize how new Solana launches are handled, and we’re excited to see what other communities build around it. The goal is to become a staple among the collection of bots, right up there with Rose and Chatter Shield.

Add Bonk Teller Bot to your Telegram group, configure it with a mint address and a rewards vault and determine what actions are incentivized. Trust the AI to handle the rest.

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Reward Bot 1.0 Free to use initially "What's the catch?" None.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Now

Get your card today and introduce $BONKFA to your projects and start earning your rewards.

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3-Step Process

Earning Rewards is Easy

Setup a Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare. Add SOL token to it and buy some $BONKFA on Raydium or Jupiter.

Register Wallet


DM Bonk Teller Telegram Bot





Register Now

Level-up Your Tier



Higher Tier = Higher Rewards

Black Card (2.5x) 10M $BONKFA

Diamond Card (2x) 5M $BONKFA

Platinum Card (1.75x) 2.5M $BONKFA

Gold Card (1.5x) 1M $BONKFA

Silver Card (1.25x) 500k $BONKFA

Bronze Card (1x) No minimum

Purchase Now
Earn Rewards


More Engagements = More Points

Participate in Telegram Activities

Introduce $BONKFA to your projects

Play Games & Contests

Keep leveling up your tier

Engage Now
Become A Rewards Card Holder

Universal Key To Solana Token Rewards

Higher tiers yield higher rewards. More you hold, more you earn.


Questions? Look Here

How is this so 'too good to be true' vibe project? This is a win win win? Is there a catch? TL;DR None

How $BONKFA? - Creation Story

Branch Manager was tired of getting rugged and scammed by other projects. He set out to create a project that was fair and transparent. He had a vision of a meme token with real utility and unlocked the code for a first-in-space win-win-win project on Solana. He got on Telegram and found like minded developers and community for validating the idea. He created $BONKFA and the rest is history in the making.

What $BONKFA? - User Story

Unlock unlimited earning possibilities by HODLing $BONKFA and engaging in activities and games. Receive token rewards from new partner projects using the same card previously created for any other partners’ group. Crucially, the Rewards Multiplier is determined by cardholders’ $BONKFA BALANCES, and it ranges from 1.25x (Silver) to 2.50x (Black). The more $BONKFA you hold, the more rewards of all partner Solana tokens you earn!

Why $BONKFA? - Dev Story

For new and existing projects alike, incentivizing your community to work together can be a struggle. As initial interest wanes, it’s CRITICAL to keep holders engaged, participating, and happy. And what better way to incentivize actions and positivity than with rewards delivered straight to their wallets? That’s where the $BONKFA Rewards Card comes in.

Wen $BONKFA? - 100M$ MC

Developer allocates a predetermined percentage of their native token to a Rewards Vault; ideally, enough to drip-drip-drip rewards over several months. Our bot is designed to achieve the rare ‘win-win-win’ for everyone involved — holders of $BONKFA, holders of our partner tokens, and our partner projects making $BONKFA #TooBigToFail in to the multi-millions market cap project.


Total Supply 1B

What isn't burnt will make us stronger 💪🚀

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LP (Burnt)